FCIG Celebrate All That We Missed During Lockdown On
2021's Record Breaking
Afternoon Tea Bench

July, 2021

For years to come, we are sure to all be asked “Where were you when you found out we were going into a full UK lockdown?” and for many of us, it’ll bring back difficult memories.


Lockdown number one at FCIG HQ saw us all gathered around the TV, nervously anticipating the words that were undoubtably going to come from Boris Johnson, with eagerness and hope that we would at least make it to Mother’s Day, but unfortunately it was not to be. Silence filled the room for a few moments, as we let reality set in, before our emergency close down procedures were put in place. By November 2021, we were ready for the news. The late summer tier system prepared us for what was coming, although didn’t make it any easier to digest.

As a nation, both the UK Lockdown meant that not only were we unable to see our loved ones over an extended period of time, we lost the chance to celebrate and share so many special events. Birthdays were missed, Mother’s Day spent without seeing the children, select household visits over Christmas, and all-round disappointment was met by the entire public as, let’s face it… Us Brits love any occasion to have a few drinks and a party!


The news of being able to open our doors again and welcome back our beloved customers enhanced everybodies spirits – and we were all so excited to get ready for action. But we still couldn’t help but hold on to that little bit of disappointment that we were unable to invite so many of our loyal customers to celebrate all they had missed in the months we were to stay at home.


This led to both ours, and our customers, favourite Afternoon Tea bench to date! “Occasions missed in Lockdown.”

Our Afternoon Tea, and both The Strafford Arms and The Parish Oven is famously known throughout their respective areas, with people travelling each month to try the new menu.


Over 3000 guests joined us in The Strafford Arms beer garden alone to celebrate everything they had missed…



Savoury Dishes

Chinese New Year Duck Spring Rolls

St Paddy's Beef & Guinness Pie

Mum's Heart Warming Tomato Soup

St George's Beer Battered Fish & Chips

Santa's Turkey & Cranberry Bruschetta

Sweet Dishes

Traditional Scone with Jam and Cream

Slice of Birthday Sprinkle Cake

Bonfire Toffee Chocolate Brownie

One in a Million Valentines Cheesecake

Mini Egg Chocolate Cornflake Stack

The monthly changing menu has always been a huge hit at both venues.

Other 2021 themes have included;

The Music Festival

By the Sea



Rewind to the 80's