Independent Restaurant Group

Fine and Country Inns are a premier and authentic Restaurant Group that has been proudly serving many areas throughout South Yorkshire and beyond since 2014.


Our mission has been and continues to be, to provide high-quality food for all those that wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambiance with skillful cooking into one extraordinary dining experience. 

We believe that pubs can often become the heart of a community, and it is our job to ensure only the best is offered to our local customers. Our establishments offer a cozy space with an atmosphere that acts as a place for friends, wanderers, and adventurers to share a drink or enjoy a meal together. With our carefully curated drinks menu and our unique and seasonal dishes, you’re sure to be delighted with every sip and bite.

Our culinary philosophy has been carefully crafted  with you in mind. Our talented, dedicated and passionate chef teams believe in designing menus which highlight the best local ingredients on offer each season. At all Fine and Country Inn venues, we believe in caring for each guest individually, ensuring that their meal is one they remember long after the last bite. It is this attention to detail that has helped us achieve culinary excellence.





More Than Just Employees

We are proud to be part of a team of dedicated, talented people who truly love what they do. Although we come from different backgrounds within the world of Hospitality, we combine our skills and experience to form our unique

Fine and Country Inns family. 

The Senior Management team of

Fine and Country Inns has been carefully selected to ensure each establishment is able to reach its true potential while the on site management team look after the day-to-day organisation and TLC of each venue. 

We are growing and are always on the lookout for new individuals to join our team.
If you are a fun-loving, service-oriented, lover of all things food, we think you’ll be a great fit.

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